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Embodying the future: sustainable mannequins.

“What about the mannequins?” This question comes up repeatedly in many discussions with our customers who deliberately use sustainable clothes hangers. Our response is that things are looking very good. With our ABS and PE mannequins, we already have significantly more environmentally friendly alternatives to the fiberglass and PU mannequins currently on the market, but a natural fiber mannequin would be second to none.

Even if the automated production of clothes hangers and mannequins is similar, the size of the product and the starting length of the natural fibers play a significant role. Even distribution of the fibers is crucial. With mannequins this is more difficult to achieve than with clothes hangers.

All the same, we have managed to produce a material mix of natural fibers and recycled plastic, which can be processed properly. We are currently building the first molds for this series, as the first customers are already eagerly awaiting their natural fiber mannequins.