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The world after the pandemic.

A virus keeps the world in suspense and brings entire economies and societies to their stress limits. Never before has it become so quickly apparent how complex and susceptible global supply chains are. Many structures are scrutinized and reconsidered but the coronavirus will not be the trigger of a sweeping revolution. Instead, certain megatrends were already emerging in the economy and society before the crisis, which are now either accelerating or slowing down due to corona. Opportunity and risk at the same time.

Trends such as urbanization are likely to be slowed down by the corona crisis, others such as ecological and health issues will be accelerated significantly. Because the pandemic makes it very obvious how seriously humans have already damaged the environment and health. In addition, globalization, which was previously regarded as something unquestionable, has also reached its limits and local resourcing markets have come more sharply into focus again. The smart connection of local and global supply chains allows for a fast and flexible response to crises. Glocalization is taking over from globalization.