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Cortec vs. corona.

We at Cortec have been dealing with megatrends for many years, especially ecological issues and “glocal” supply chains. Back in 2007, we began to organize production and sourcing on a more consistently regional and sustainable basis. The feedback from our long-standing customers, but also the great interest among our new contacts, encourage us to act this way.

Corona has also been a turning point for Cortec to a previously unfamiliar extent. But we see this crisis as a unique opportunity to accelerate the changes that have already been prompted even further. We can see that retailers are recovering again and that customers especially who were focusing on sustainability before corona, have celebrated a more dynamic comeback. Fortunately, not a single sustainability project has been stopped and many are now even being intensified.

We look forward to sharing the road with our partners, even if it’s still rocky in the coming months. In hindsight, we will soon recognize that the supposed corona ruins are a fruitful foundation on which the right ideas grow faster than ever before.