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This is not a clothes hanger!

What is it then? Basically anything you can imagine. Because we are not just one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to sustainable clothes hangers. We have also been successfully working in the injection molding sector for over 60 years and today see ourselves primarily as a specialist in the area of ​​processing biomaterials – so-called biocomposites.

Turn old into innovative: You have the products, we have the sustainable production.

The proportion of biomaterials has increased more than fivefold in the last 5 years.

Our regional production in Germany leads to short transport routes and therefore a lot of CO2 savings (no long air and sea freight).

The high level of automation in our production ensures resource-efficient production.

We fully exploit the potential of our products and sort them after use for their next use. This should remain in the system for as long as possible until it is finally recycled.

We grind rejected products. The plastic or biomaterial obtained from this is then used again to produce new everyday items. In this process, we process the ground material into granules, which are then formed into new goods using injection molding.

Innovation and design

Already today
to the questions
from tomorrow.

We have always had designers, sales people, producers and designers regularly sit around the same table to initiate innovations using an interdisciplinary approach. This is how groundbreaking product lines were repeatedly created. Injection molding technology in particular opens up completely new sales markets for us in this regard. Because which product and which designs we produce with it ultimately depends entirely on your industry and your wishes.

We currently have a high level of automation, which we can implement primarily through special machine construction in-house. In addition, we sometimes prepare the raw material ourselves using our own extruders. We have now been able to successfully transfer our extensive know-how in injection molding to other products.

We currently have around 30 injection molding machines (50 t to 300 t), most of which are linked to handling devices. Our three extruders ensure a stable supply of raw material so that we can produce 7/24.

Of course, we can also fulfill your orders as a contract sprayer at any time. We are also happy to support you with the conception of tools or the technical implementation of injection molded parts. Our production is primarily designed for the production of medium-sized to large series – but small series are possible.