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Injection molding technology

Injection molding
made in Germany.

We have been successful in the injection molding sector for over 50 years. It all started with the production of plastic clothes hangers made from a variety of materials (PS, PC, ABS, SBS, PP etc.). Today we see ourselves especially as a specialist in the processing of biomaterials – known as bio-composites.

We currently maintain a high level of automation, which we can mainly implement in-house using specially constructed machines. In addition, we partly process the raw material ourselves with our own extruders. In the meantime, we have been successful in applying our extensive expertise in injection molding to other products.

We currently have about 30 injection molding machines (50 t to 300 t), most of which are connected to handling equipment. Our three extruders ensure a stable supply of raw material, so that we can produce 6/24.

Of course, we can also complete your injection molding orders on a contract basis. We are also happy to assist you with the design of tools or the technical implementation of injection molding parts. Our production is set up primarily for the manufacturing of medium to large series – but small batch runs are also feasible.

Innovation and design

Answers to tomorrow’s questions today.

Designers, salespeople, production staff and plastics technicians have always sat around a table with us on a regular basis, in order to initiate innovations in an interdisciplinary approach. This is how pioneering product lines have repeatedly been created. Injection molding technology in particular opens up completely new sales markets for us in this regard. Because which product and which designs we come up with depends ultimately on your industry and your needs.