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Breuninger opts for sustainability with Cortec.

The fashion brand Breuninger approached us with a request to equip all its existing stores with sustainable clothes hangers. The result was a completely new series of hangers made from an innovative bioplastic that lives up to the high-level requirements in the logistics and presentation sector.

At the beginning of the project, we presented various options for sustainable materials. After initial sampling and testing, we selected our sunflower bioplastic, a mix of sunflower seed shells and recycled plastic, which also impressed with its superior surface feel. At the design stage, the new hanger family was defined and took on its initial shape. With the aid of CAD models, samples from the 3D printer and wooden dummies, the required fine-tuning was then carried out – every detail had to be right to achieve the ideal effect on the surface. When constructing the molds, we take account of an interchangeable logo area as well as the application of a discreet slip resistance using a fully automated two-component process.

“We are happy that the hangers outside in the store are so well received. We were also able to keep to our tight schedule very well thanks to the smooth collaboration with Breuninger. When our customers receive positive feedback from their customers, this is the highest level of praise for us, as the end consumer is supposed to feel good. A harmonious and simultaneously sustainable fashion presentation – this is what we are passionate about.”

Andreas Zopf, sales director, Cortec GmbH