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We declare war on mountains of clothing: with hangers made from old textiles.

In our search for new recycling material, we came across a problem that has preoccupied the textile industry for many years – the large quantities of clothing that can no longer be sold. The major calamity here is that only a fraction of this resource is currently recycled.

Therefore, our most urgent question was whether a clothes hanger could be produced from old clothes. What was still conceivable initially posed major challenges for us. Starting with the choice of fiber, plus the connection of the fibers all the way to the production process, we had to overcome some enormous hurdles.

The fortunate result was that we developed an innovative procedure that enables us to compress the fibers in the desired shape, so we could ultimately create a solid clothes hanger. After the very positive customer feedback at Euroshop 2020, we are now working nonstop on series production. From an item of clothing to a clothes hanger. It’s what makes recycling sustainable fun.