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On the road: Grass clothes hangers for textile logistics.

You can now find our grass hangers in department stores and shops all over Europe. The concept, the quality and the proven environmental compatibility have been persuasive for many customers – tangible and palpable in the truest sense. This success of ours has of course given rise to the idea of applying the concept to logistics clothes hangers as well.

Logistics hangers usually have to meet stricter technical requirements than hangers in stores, as they are often transported to logistics or processing facilities on fast conveyor belts. As such, the clothing must not fall off the hanger and the hanger should be usable in the long term despite the stresses and strains.

After many test runs, we have proven convincingly that a logistics grass hanger withstands these demands and can be recycled even more frequently than a standard plastic product. A pilot project with a French luxury label has now confirmed these results. Another important step in continuing to make textile logistics more sustainable.