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Cortec receives another injection molding machine

Cortec’s continuous expansion and modernization continues: the company took delivery of its latest injection molding machine with a clamping force of 150 tons in September. This machine is used specifically for the production of trouser hangers and marks a further step in modernization, efficiency and sustainability.

In 2023, it will be the third new machine that Cortec has integrated into its production (2 x 300t clamping force, 1 x 150t clamping force). This is the sixth new machine that has been put into operation since 2020. The company’s growth trajectory is clearly visible, and investment in advanced technologies is an important component of the strategy.

A particularly notable feature of the new injection molding machines is their energy efficiency. Compared to the older models they replace, the newer machines use less than half the energy. This impressive reduction allows Cortec to save up to 300 tons of CO2 every year – a significant sign of the company’s commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability.